Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why is North Korea acting like a child?

I'm sure you've read the news the past few days of N. Korea continuing their development of nuclear weapons and threatening their southern brothers. Why are they doing this? Could it truly be as the Conservative talking heads on the radio keep telling us? That Obama is weak and actually against his own country? Or is it just the escalation of a problem that was started by the coddling given to them by Bush? Have they gotten so cocky from the lack of action from anyone that they feel the need to strut around like a Cock in a hen house?

The answer is very simple, and not at all inclined to any outside source. It is the fault of Kim Jong-il and his declining health. The stories coming from N. Korea the past few months were always about the health of the dictator, with rumors flying about him having been replaced by a look alike. I think he was still alive and has taken a fall for the worse lately. The ruling party thought it best that no one actually learn that the leader was fallen, so they begin this light and dance show to cover it up. Is anyone looking into the health of Kim when they begin to amass soldiers at the border, shoot missiles near Japan and the general hostile activities lately?

I don't know, what do you think?